Our honor

  • Dec. 2013

    Dr. Zhu Hui was selected for the “3315 Plan” in Ningbo

  • Sept. 2013

    Received the second prize of the China Science Plan Entrepreneurship Award

  • Jul. 2014

    Dr. Zhu Hui won the "High-level Talents of Ningbo Municipal People's Government"

  • Dec. 2014

    Received the Ningbo Development Excellence Award

  • Mar. 2015

    Zheshang returns to outstanding projects

  • Mar. 2015

    Zhejiang small and medium-sized technology enterprises

  • Jun. 2016

    Xiangshan County Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Enterprise

  • Oct. 2016

    Dr. Zhu Hui was appointed as a newcomer to technological innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Nov. 2016

    Won the Innovation Award of Xiangshan County Science and Technology Innovation Talents Conference

  • Dec. 2016

    Become the Xiangshan County Enterprise Engineering Technology Center


Xinuoya Obtained 22 invention patents, reviewed  42 patents, applied for 20 invention patents