Marine Innovation Center

    The Marine Bio-Industry Innovation Service Center is led by the Xiangshan County Marine Innovation Alliance and is led by Ningbo Sinoa. The center has an advanced R&D laboratory of 500 square meters. The center has gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, atomic fluorescence, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, PCR instrument, electro-transfer instrument, nucleic acid-protein electrophoresis system, and ultra-clean work. Taiwan, autoclave, in-situ fermenter, off-site fermenter, ultrafiltration system, microbial clean room, -40 ultra-low temperature refrigerator, -70 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator, constant temperature and humidity box and other advanced equipment. The center is divided into four departments: R&D center, inspection and testing center, consulting and training center and technology transfer center. The innovative service center provides testing services to the outside world.

(1) Research and development center. With the 500-square-meter laboratory in the Xiangshan Industrial Zone as the carrier, Xiuoya set up a marine biological engineering research center, relying on the advantages of talents, technology, scientific research and equipment to break through the leading and key technologies in the field of marine biology and establish standardized research. Process, innovation and development, improve the level and ability of scientific and technological achievements transformation, develop high-tech products, and lead the development of high-end marine life in our county.

  The service content is:

      1.Research on utilization technology of low value residuals in aquatic product processing;

      2.Research on the reuse of biological enzyme technology in aquatic product processing waste;

      3.Clean production technology, research and development of new marine biological products technology;

      4.Efficient application of marine living resources and application research and development of corresponding products.


(2) Inspection and testing center. The testing center was set up with the Sinoa Biolabs as the main carrier, and a team of experts was organized to conduct microbial testing, heavy metal testing, water quality analysis, and marine environmental monitoring.

  The service content is:  

       1.Detection of marine pathogenic bacteria, including water, fish, shrimp, crab, algae and other marine organisms, pathogens, microorganisms and heavy metals detection;

       2.Process optimization of marine biological products; detection of physical and chemical indicators related to products; enzymatic hydrolysis techniques of marine organisms such as fish, shrimp, crab, and detection of corresponding enzyme activities;

       3.Animal toxicological testing of marine organisms, including small animal toxicology experiments;

       4.Detection of toxins and heavy metals in cultured and harvested seafood;

       5.Quantitative determination of protein, amino acid, fatty acid and polysaccharide content in cultured and harvested seafood.

(3) Consultation training center. Taking the service window of Xiangshan Industrial Zone as the carrier, it also undertakes external consulting services. Conduct basic consulting services for professional issues in the field of marine biology; provide advice on testing, monitoring, and marine environmental issues entrusted by enterprises or government agencies; provide technical guidance and technical training for transferred technologies.

  The service content is: 

      1.Marine life entrepreneurship training services;

      2.Marine biotechnology consulting services.


(4) Technology Transfer Center. The Tongshan Industrial Zone Management Committee is docked to undertake technology transfer needs. We will sort out the projects developed by the R&D center, and at the same time connect universities and research institutes to publicly transfer patent technology and research and development results to the public.

  The service content is:    

      1.Cooperate with institutions and enterprises;

      2.Marine bio-industry engineering research and development.

Sample test contact: Xiangshan County Marine Biological Industry Innovation Service Center  Tel:0574-59129978