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Ningbo Xinnuoya Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a production R&D company established in Ningbo by Ningbo Huitai Biological Research Institute. The company relies on American Huitai Bio-engineering Co., Ltd., a high-tech company founded by a team of returnees scientists with first-class laboratories and production plants. The company is principally engaged in the research and development of food and feed pharmaceutical grade enzyme preparations and probiotics, as well as the development and production of monoclonal antibodies. The company's development will focus on the following aspects: 

1. Drug biotechnology will greatly improve human health and improve the quality of life; 

2. Agricultural biotechnology will greatly increase the output and quality of agricultural products, and reduce the cost of agricultural production; 

3. Industrial biotechnology will accelerate the development of “green manufacturing” and greatly reduce pollution. Emissions, reducing production costs.
In order to cope with the rapid development of the company, Graceful Peptides is based on the people-oriented and talented development concept, providing you with high-quality salary, good working atmosphere and broad development space. We sincerely look forward to your talented franchise and work with us to create a win-win situation!

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