Mai Fu Tong series

Product properties

Product formula: Hydatid powder (addition amount 87.2%, containing β-glucan), Luo Han Guo powder, yam powder, hawthorn powder, Bifidobacterium lactis, R. rhamnosus, yeast β-glucan, oat-β- Glucan.

Product specifications: 5g * 20 / box

How to eat: Take it directly or take it with water below 37 °C

Storage method: Store in a cool dry place, store in the refrigerator freezer during high temperature season.

Note: When eating directly, you should take care to avoid coughing; after opening, please eat as soon as possible. If antibiotics are used, it is necessary to wait two hours before eating this product to avoid accidental killing of probiotics. Do not eat if the inner bag is damaged or leaking.

Six core high-end formulas

1.Three glucans, 2.Probiotics, 3.Drug homologs, 4.Immunoglobulins, 5.Prebiotics, 6.Nutrients



Hydrangea is known as the "King of the Mushroom", "Sunshine Mushroom" and "Fantasy Magic Mushroom"

Hydrangea, also known as Hydrangea mushroom. The Latin name is Sparassis crispa. It is known as the "king of oyster mushroom". It is a non-pleated fungus and a genus Hydatid. It is named because it has a huge hydrangea. High activation immunity, known in Japan as "dream magical mushroom".

Hydatid is more effective than Ganoderma lucidum

Lingyi is a high-quality health care product that is familiar to the family. Its active ingredient is β-glucan, but its content is far less than that of Hydrangea.


Glucan structure from different sources


Glucan immunomodulation mechanism


Probiotic action


Drug and food homology

1.Luo Han Guo

Mangosteen is known as the “God Fruit” and its effect is to relieve cough and phlegm. It is the only natural healthy sweetener. This sweetener has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness and high safety. It is one of the best natural healthy sweeteners available.


Hawthorn has antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, anti-oxidation, enhance immunity, remove harmful bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract, and prevent liver cancer.


Yam is rich in a variety of nutrients, can supplement many of the elements needed by the human body, with health care, disease prevention, blood sugar lowering, spleen and stomach.

Functional food trend

The pressure on life is increasing, the number of sub-healthy people is increasing, the cost of medical care is rising, and the population is becoming more and more aging. In this context, functional foods are being watched by more consumers and playing a more important role in the diet. .